Which glasses bring out the best of my wine?

Image 1"It is the responsibility of the glass to convey the wine's "message" - its appearance, bouquet, and taste - in the best manner to the human senses." Claus Riedel

In regards to glassware, there are only a couple of rules:

1. The glass must be rounded at the bottom.
2. It must be tighter around the top.

Image 2Generally speaking, stemware is the better choice for two reasons:

First, if the wine is being served at the appropriate temperature, then cupping the glass with the palm of your hand will warm the wine to an undesirable result.

Second, stemware is preferable for tasting and assessment purposes, as it facilitates the visual examination of the wine’s colour and legs.

Image 3For mature wines, tall and large glasses give the wines the space to express the complexity of their bouquet. Medium-sized glasses do better for younger wines, which have vibrant fruit flavours. For great vintages or special wines, crystal glassware is a must, as its clarity and finesse will contribute to your appreciation.

Whichever your choice of glass, remember to never pour more than one third of the glass: this prevents the glass from retaining aromas, and makes swirling or aerating the wine more difficult.

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