Image 1The Art of Food and Wine Matching


In short, there are 3 simple rules:

.   Light tasting food with light wines

.   Spicy food with aromatic whites or roses

.   Sweeter wines with bitter and sour dishes



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Image 4Guide to Serving Temperatures

As a general rule, white wines should be served chilled and red wines at room temperature. However abiding by this simple rule will probably mean you'll never really enjoy your wine at its best. Do you know the ideal temperature to serve wines?


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Image 2Which Glasses Bring out the Best of my Wine?


5 hints to help you master the art of wine serving.....



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Image 3Wine Cabinet Technology


Vintec and Transtherm Wine Cabinets have been designed to replicate the temperature, humidity, darkness and vibration-proof conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. Do you know how they achieve this?

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Image 5 5 Rules of Cellaring

Wine only ages as well as you cellar it. Whether you like to drink your wine young or let it age gracefully, all wines require the same 5 storage conditions to protect them from spoling. Do you know which ones?


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